Upcoming Events

Gathering to Commemorate the Founding of the Women's Association

January 27 (Sat.) at 1 p.m.
A gathering will be held to commemorate the founding of the Tenrikyo Women's Association. After performing the seated service, we will read "The Osashizu and the Women's Association" and have a discussion concerning the text.

February Monthly Service

February 4 (Sun.) at 10 a.m.
Sermon by Rev. Isamu Ryono, Minister of Meishin America Church

Opening talk by Wakako Kawasaki, Gamo Grand Church Yoboku

After the service: Staff Minister Meeting, Women's Assn. Monthly Meeting, Drum and Fife Corps practice and Joy Workshop.

Boys and Girls Assn. Sleepover

February 24 (Sat.) to 25 (Sun.)
The Boys and Girls Assn. will be having their annual February sleepover. Please take the time to bring your child to this wonderful event which strives to give everyone an educational, fun-filled experience about how the teachings of Tenrikyo are always connected with our daily lives.

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